Let’s talk about your books.

Sometimes you just need an expert on your side to guide you in the right direction.

Your books are the pulse of your company’s financial health. It is vital to ensure you are keeping records of your transactions to remain compliant, and to secure your company’s ongoing success.

Think precision, timeliness, uniformity, and accuracy!

We Offer a Value Pricing Model –

We cater your package to your company’s needs. 

Featured Services for Selection Include but are not limited to: 

Reconciliation of Accounts 

Track your company's income and expenses. 

Organize receipts online

Job Costing

Work in Progress Accounting

Set up QuickBooks Online Account 

Send invoices and receive payments

Track your sales and sales tax collected

Manage your company’s bills

Track your company’s inventory

Manage Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable 

Issue Financial Statements on a Monthly Basis – Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement

Budgeting and Forecasting

Send Invoices online with instant payment options

Estimate your quarterly tax payments

Run payroll for hourly and full-time employees

Manage 1099 contractors W9’s

File your 1099’s with the IRS

File your sales tax

Get quick access to your financial status via mobile app with QuickBooks Online 

Manage your Company Payroll

Package Add-ons

Basic Payroll Processing

Includes uploading new hire information in conjunction with weekly/bi-monthly/monthly payroll processing:

1 to 5 employees


5-10 employees


11-25 employees


25-40 employees


Certified ProAdvisor

Offers exclusive access to a cloud-based accounting software subscription (for new QuickBooks clients)

Retail: Essentials






LIB: Essentials






Fix My Books

Updating/managing accounts from months prior

$65 per hour

Notary Service (Georgia State)

Expert Analysis and Distribution of a Clear Budget and Forecast

(must be a virtual bookkeeping client)

Invoicing Management

(cost percentage of gross invoices)

Standard Hourly Rates Without Package:



Bookkeeping & Payroll

$65 per hour

** All services begin the first day of the month unless "Fix My Books" has been selected

Let us show you how Virtual bookkeeping can transform your business.