What bookkeeping services are provided by Life in Balance?

Life in Balance is a full-service bookkeeping provider. While dealing only with US currency, we provide our services in the following areas – accounts payable, financial reporting, payroll, bank reconciliation, invoicing are just a few of our bookkeeping services

What software or programs are used at Life in Balance?

While we do work with your financials guided by your current systems, we do introduce our own systems as well. Life in Balance grants you access to a secure cloud-based software where your accounts are cared for and maintained. We are a QuickBooks ProAdvisor Firm.

Is Life in Balance Secure?

Your protection is our top priority at Life in Balance. Having said that, all our bookkeepers and employees have gone through an intense hiring process in which background checks, analyzation of references, interviews and training is implemented. We assure our clients that his or her bookkeeper is trustworthy and capable. In addition to this, our employees are regularly audited to ensure that all accounts are up to par with standards.

How can I contact my bookkeeper?

While email is preferred, you are welcome to contact your bookkeeper whichever way you choose – email, zoom/skype or by telephone.

What will my bookkeeper do?

Your bookkeeper will be readily available for all your transactional needs. While our bookkeepers do not shop for services or get quotes, we can certainly assist in provided reports to show you what you spend with vendors and where your budgets lie.

What is the difference between a bookkeeper and accountant?

While an accountant performs overviews of financial operations, files taxes on time, and makes sure that reports are accurate, your bookkeeper provides those reports and manages the day-to-day financials with reporting, paying bills and reconciling. Your bookkeeper also provides the service of helping you to monitor your budgets and achieve your financial goals.

Are quarterly taxes on P/R and/or income filed through Life in Balance?

Life in Balance files your payroll taxes providing you have agreed to have us service your payroll. All other tax filings will be performed by your CPA of choice.

When do I receive my financial reports?

At Life in Balance, we are aware that every client has a unique situation. Therefore, we advise our clients to work with their bookkeeper to determine the best time to receive their reporting. Once this is agreed upon, you will continue to receive your reporting on time. We gear our bookkeepers to encourage a deadline of the 10th of each month in delivery of updated financial statements.

What about my credit cards?

Your bookkeeper will absolutely ensure that your credit card is reconciled monthly. All expenses will be assigned to a budget line item.

Does Life in Balance do audits?

Audits are provided by your CPA. Life in Balance is solely a full-service bookkeeping service.

What about corporate taxes?

Your CPA will provide tax recommendations and complete both state and federal tax filings.

Who files my 990?

Your CPA or one of the board members will file your 990.

I do not need a full-service bookkeeper; I only need part of the service. Is there an hourly rate?

Of course! We understand that not everyone fits a certain mold. That is why we are here to assist you in any area of your finances that you feel as though you need help in. Please reach out to us at hello@lifeinbalancebookkeeping.com  in order to establish a customized contract that fits your specific needs.

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