what clients say

Estes Folk

Owner, Pro Health Clinic


"I can't say enough great things about Life in Balance! I have been working with them for over a year now and without a doubt they are the most professional, engaged, and competent bookkeeping team I have ever worked with. Their communication is excellent and they are very attentive to details. After seeing what an amazing job they did with my business bookkeeping, I decided to hire them to handle all of my personal bookkeeping as well. I trust them and would recommend their services to any other business owner."

Dan Lofaso

Owner, Digital Elevator


“I had the pleasure of working with Christina through a separate client project before bringing her on for my company’s bookkeeping services. In a matter of weeks she was able to research, suggest, and correct accounting issues that my previous two accounting firms had neglected to address. She proactively manages my relationships with the State as well as for Federal taxes, and tirelessly works with me to make beautiful historical and projection-based spreadsheets so I understand how my company has grown, how it can grow, and how my money is being managed. Christina is like having a CFO in your back pocket at all times. I’ve finally found a tax professional who cares as much about my business as I do.”


“LIB has worked very closely with us over the last year. LIB managed our books with exceptional care and attention to detail. Christina helped me choose the right solutions for the intimate size of our business model. Their guidance and support has been invaluable and I often phone Christina to bounce off ideas or take her objective advice. We are very pleased with the counsel and support we received from LIB and would highly recommend their service.”

Caitlyn Ballard

Owner, 22 Riverdale


“I've connected with Christina and WOW I truly adore this woman. The subsequent people I've been in conversations with just from meeting Christina has been amazing. Seriously. Shout out to Life In Balance Bookkeeping for putting such amazing hitters in one room. It's the people behind the scenes that keep it all moving.”

Jasmine Forts

Owner, Jobbing with Jas & The Werk Place


“I came to Life in Balance through the recommendation of a trusted business partner and my experience has been nothing short of amazing.Before coming to Christina, I purchased Quickbooks and decided to manage my finances on my own. Not only did this cause a ton of stress, but I always had the nagging feeling I was doing something wrong. In fact, there were a lot of times when I was sure of it. I can honestly say it was not my strength.Trusting your finances to another person seems really daunting as a business owner, and for me, it was the ultimate leap of faith even to take a step in the direction of someone else managing my books.Not long into my consultation call, I felt the weight of my concerns lift one by one. All of the concerns I had were taken away with ease, and the reassurance that I was in the right hands.Today, I am managing my business with more confidence and ease knowing that I can focus on my strengths, and give the accounting work to someone who truly understands what it takes to run a financially healthy business.”

Tiffany Lewis

Owner, More Meaningful Marketing

Eryka Parker, MBA

Owner, Lyrical Innovations


"Doing business with Life in Balance is not transactional, it’s an experience.  From day one, Christina’s mindfulness, attention to detail, and curiosity about my personal and professional goals made trusting her with my financial information an organic  process. She takes the time to dig deep and educate herself on what you want out of your business and personally shares the wins with you. With the stressful tasks she has taken off of my plate, I am now able to focus on the action items that will elevate my business and create a better experience for my own clients."

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